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西表島入山届 届け出フォーム


Notification form for entering a mountain area in Iriomote Island.


There are many cases that tourists did not submit the notification form for entering a mountain area and then, they met distress accident and asked for help in the mountain of Iriomote Island. In case of emergency, please submit the notifications and pay close attention to following points.


  • 歩道から外れないこと
  • 日帰りで日没前に帰ること
  • たき火・キャンプはしないこと
  • 単独入山を避けること(ガイド同伴等)
  • 天候・増水・落石等に気をつけること
  • 希少種の採取・損傷はしないこと 等
  • No hiking on other than the trail
  • Go and return in one day
  • No bonfire and camping
  • Avoid hiking alone(Hike with guide)
  • Pay attention to rough weather, flooding, falling rocks
  • No collecting or harming rare species

And pay attention to other dangerous behavior.

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